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How to: prevent hazards in crane safety

Before hiring out a crane for a construction project, the first thing you will need to consider is crane safety. The versatility of options can be confusing and intimidating to new beginners, and it is important you understand and that you are equipped for the work ahead.

Health and safety is the most important regulation within crane safety when considering hiring a crane. Preventing hazards in crane hire is what NMT as a company strive for and a policy we take seriously. The laws around crane operations declare that all lifting operations must be thoroughly planned by a qualified and competent person; carried out in a safe manner and supervised throughout the operation.

Common Accidents

The most common cranes used for construction work tends to be ‘mobile’ and ‘tower’ cranes. They are both used broadly, not just in our company but everywhere in the UK. The two most common accidents in crane hire tend to be the following elementary hazards; falling of the load and collapsing of the crane.

Both accidents can result in major injury, or death in some cases, and should not be taken lightly. Other common cases have involved the collision of cranes and people being impacted by moving loads. It is a requirement that you should be preventing hazards in crane hire and practising crane safety at all costs before carrying out any work.

The planning that goes behind any crane hire operation is essential and will help map out the rest of the job. This includes on-site prep and will need to state possible risks identified.

Key components to consider

As a broad overview, preventing hazards in crane hire will demand the following before being carried out; Planning and prep; selection of work equipment; safe and trusting arrangements; supervision and examination. Following these steps will ensure hazards are prevented and that you can safely undertake the hiring of a crane efficiently and effectively.


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