NMT TV and Film: The Best Camera Cranes to Use For Film



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Best Camera Cranes to Use For Film

Achieving good quality results in filming requires more than just a high-tech camera. The skills and techniques that are used to work these cameras are also just as important. This is why it’s crucial to understand the variety of equipment out there and what would be most beneficial for you to use in order to perfect your camera skills.

Before making an investment, that would be right for your film-making needs, take a look at NMT TV and Films’ top cameras to ensure you can make a solid decision you feel confident in.

The Difference Between Crane Camera and Jibs

Camera cranes and jibs are used as mechanical arms to be able to achieve optimum angles from height when filming. This allows room to be able to provide complete control over filming, whilst diminishing shaking and having overall control without disruption.

Camera jibs are known for their ability to be able to capture 360 degrees while allowing smoother panning lifting and works vertically as well as horizontally.

The main difference between the two is that the ‘crane’ is considered as the arm and the ‘jib’ is considered as the actual crane in the film industry.

Within professional settings and movie studios, jibs are often seen smaller than traditional camera cranes, allowing for more flexible movement without disturbing the process or causing a low-quality output.

Top Camera Cranes and Jibs

-Papaler VM-301A

This VM series of the mini jib crane adopts high strength aluminium stamp-forming process, which is light-weight and high-strength. It is beyond the basic shooting limits and allows for all position shooting by rotating the crane arm, so you won’t miss an important moment. The simple structure makes the set-up quick and easy to do and is specially designed for small to medium-sized film studios. This jib also includes:
A multi-functional head design for photos and video-shoots
360 degrees panoramic shooting

-Kessler Pocket Jib Traveller

The Kessler Pocket Jib Traveller is completely self-compacted and does not need to be taken apart (unlike other similar-sized jibs) It features drag control and can lock, as well as a centre-mounted camera, which makes it easier and more stable to operate. This jib traveller boasts the highest weight capacity of similar sized jibs by handling rigs up to 10lbs.

-Benro MoveUp20 Jib

The Benro MoveUp20 is a compact jib that can hold up to 20kg (44lbs) and is easy to assemble as well as operate. This lightweight jib allows you to achieve cinematic movements without breaking the bank. This comes with a custom rolling grip case with a foam insert that makes this job for any location.


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