Why Are Mobile Cranes Used on Film and TV Sets?

Making the transition from the storyboard to the silver screen is easier said than done. Directors, producers and a whole team of cameramen use every piece of equipment imaginable to help craft and sculpt the most memorable of scenes. Yet it is the more weathered tools which deliver the most stunning results; the mobile crane. A staple on every film set, this piece of filming equipment has been the weapon of choice for many directors over the years, but what are the functionalities which make mobile cranes so useful on film sets?

Above everything else, it is the shots that mobile cranes capture that highlights their effectiveness on film sets. This method of filming is particularly useful when creating suspenseful and atmospheric scenes over a large set, as mobile cranes come into their own when being used for fast paced pans and zooms. Crab shots, which sees the crane move sideways along a track parallel to the action, and articulating jib action shots allow the directors to create the perfect shots which would otherwise be difficult to achieve. These shots can be seen in films from all ers whether it is Orson Welles’ classic, Citizen Kane, or the in the runway scene of the 2013 action smash-hit Fast and Furious 6.

As well as the undoubted effectiveness of mobile cranes on film sets, this tried and tested piece of machinery also provides a cost effective method of filming for directors. Despite once being at a premium on Hollywood film sets, mobile cranes of all shapes and sizes can be hired or purchased for film sets for very modest prices, some of which can be available for under £500. Evidently, the technicalities of your mobile crane and the duration for which you hire it for will contribute towards a greater cost. On the whole, however, mobile cranes are a cost effective alternative to otherwise outlandish and complex pieces of equipment.

Despite the emergence of drones and more modern filming tools, mobile cranes offer a sense of timelessness, due to their reliability and durability. The strong metal chassis and manually operated controls are why many directors and production companies opt for the tried and tested mobile cranes over the up and coming technology of camera drones.

Having evolved from the silent movie era, mobile cranes have transcended into the age of modern Hollywood blockbusters, with seemingly no plans for retirement. To find out about all of NMT Film and TV Cranes mobile cranes, contact us today on 0800 026 6985 or leave us a message via our online form.