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Mobile Crane vs Tower Crane Hire: Which Is Best for TV and Film?

Stuck between choosing a mobile crane or tower crane to hire for TV or film shooting? The team at NMT Film and TV Crane Hire have collated the advantages and disadvantages of both types of crane to help you decide which is the best for you when filming.

What are the difference between Mobile Cranes and Tower Cranes?

Mobile Crane Hire for TV and Film


A mobile crane is practical

As it says in the name, these cranes are very mobile. They’re easy to set up and takedown, making them a lot more practical when needing to move to different areas. They’re also great for smaller, tighter spaces where larger cranes would not be practical; this is an important aspect to consider when filming.

They are cost-efficient

Filming for TV and films already comes with a high cost so wherever you can save a few pennies, we’re sure you’d want to. Mobile cranes tend to cost a lot less than various other cranes, making them a cost-efficient choice.



Strength can vary

Although you can get some very strong mobile cranes, in general, they cannot lift as heavy as alternative choices such as tower cranes. If you need to lift really heavy objects for your filming, you may want to consider this point.


Tower Crane Hire for TV and Film


A tower crane can lift heavy

Tower cranes have the capability to lift very heavy loads. They can also reach far higher than other cranes. If you require height in your filming, a tower crane may be something to consider.

Great stability

As these cranes are usually mounted to the floor, they have fantastic stability and can, therefore, help with difficult tasks. This could make them great for filming stunt scenes where extra safety is needed.




Tower cranes cost a lot more to hire and install. If you’re on a budget for filming, you may want to think about opting for lower-cost choices such as mobile cranes, providing they are suitable for the job.

Time, effort and space is needed

It can take a lot of time and work to install a tower crane and this makes it a lot more difficult to move them between areas; this can make them less practical for filming. They’re also very large, meaning they need more space to install.

If you’re still unsure whether to opt for a mobile crane or tower crane to hire for TV or film shooting, get in touch with NMT Film and TV Crane hire. Call us on 01753 785351 or fill out our online contact form.