A picture of a crane

How Can You Become a Crane Operator?

Becoming a crane operator can be an exciting career choice, especially if you land a job in the film & TV crane industry. It may seem like an easy job, but a lot of hard work has to go into it and you must have the right skills and traits to be suitable for the job. Below, we’ve listed the steps you need to take and what skills and traits you need in order to become a crane operator.

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Why Are Mobile Cranes Used on Film and TV Sets?

Making the transition from the storyboard to the silver screen is easier said than done. Directors, producers and a whole team of cameramen use every piece of equipment imaginable to help craft and sculpt the most memorable of scenes. Yet it is the more weathered tools which deliver the most stunning results; the mobile crane. A staple on every film set, this piece of filming equipment has been the weapon of choice for many directors over the years, but what are the functionalities which make mobile cranes so useful on film sets?

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A film and TV Crane which has been used in silent cinema and modern films

From Silent Cinema to The Modern Age: The History of Film and TV Cranes

The silver screen has witnessed some of the most iconic moments of history. Having lived through the wartime, silent cinema era and making its way to the Hollywood blockbuster age, film and TV has provided audiences with the perfect getaway from any drama outside of the theatre. Despite the power that cinema possesses, the knowledge and understanding of the art has escaped a large proportion of the population, particularly surrounding one of the most important components of film and TV: the crane. This brief history of the crane in cinema will tell you everything you need to know about how a director’s vision translates onto the big screen.

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The 3 Most Iconic Crane Shots From Film and TV History

Often, it is a single shot or sequence that an audience remembers a film by, but how do directors and producers make these scenes come to life? Film and TV sets are littered with cameras, lights, and cranes, all with the goal of getting that perfect shot, and here at NMT Film and TV Crane Hire, we appreciate the work that goes into capturing that moment for the big screen. Therefore, we’ve selected the three most iconic movie scenes that were shot by using a crane. Enjoy!

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