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Different Types of Cranes and the Best for Film and TV


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Different Types of Cranes and the Best for Film and TV

There are many different types of cranes available nowadays, all with different mobility and capacity abilities. We’ve come up with a few of the most common types of cranes and discussed which are best for use in film and TV.

Mobile Cranes

Possibly one of the most versatile types of cranes is mobile cranes. These can carry a fair bit of weight considering they can be smaller than various other cranes. However, what makes them so great is their mobility; mobile cranes can be moved around very easily and they don’t need a huge area to set up and move. For this reason, mobile cranes are one of the most common types for use in film and TV.

Tower Cranes

These are a modern version of a balance crane. Unlike mobile cranes, tower cranes are best used when fixed to the ground and they often need a large area to be set up. Tower cranes have the best combination of both lifting and height capacity. Tower cranes don’t tend to be used in film and TV; they are more commonly used for the construction of tall buildings.

Truck Mounted Cranes

Truck-mounted cranes are also known as boom trucks and picker trucks. They are cranes that are mounted onto a rubber tyre truck. They don’t have a great lifting capacity compared to other cranes, however, they do have great mobility abilities. As they are great for mobility, they can often be used for film and TV, particularly for stunt scenes.

 Overhead Cranes

These are also known as suspended cranes. The hoist is set on a trolley which moves along one or two beams in one direction. Many overhead cranes have the ability to lift very heavy loads. Overhead cranes don’t tend to be used for film and TV; they’re often used for factory work.

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